Staying safe on your outdoor adventures with Playing Hooky

The wild can be liberating, relaxing, and induce healing. Every time an individual prepares to go out, you get to escape your regular city or home environment. The first step you take in your preparations becomes your first memory and experience of the great outdoors.

The outdoors provides a variety of activities you can incorporate into a definite way of life. However, venturing into the wild does carry a few risks or safety perks. Based on these, many individuals have to undergo a safety check lesson or program. Individuals who build powerful memories in the wild adhere to these safety measures.

1. Telling on your destinations 

Going on a trail, mountaineering, camping, or backpacking alone or with your partner, keep your friends and family updated with your current locations or possible period for arrival. If the landscape is too steep or has varying undergrowth making it challenging to cut a pathway through, leave a map indicating the route you follow. Show stops you are to make, and highlight significant distractions, especially if the course is highly detailed.

It makes it easy for rescuers to find you if the information is already available. In case the original trail you were to follow doesn’t pan out, you have a back-up in place with the information left behind.

2. Do more research on backpacking, camping, or hiking trail. 

Yes, you are visiting a new place, but having information in hand can save you time and resources in the wild. If backpacking, understanding the terrain’s layout or the current weather for hiking trails can help prepare for your outdoor trip. Know the route by mind and foot incline, cliff, slippery sections after a downpour, incoming darkness, and precise time when the sun rises and more.

For instance, hiking a trail in Washington can be fun. However, most courses have glacier-fed rivers or small streams running across. The water levels change with time, and such knowledge can save you from making a mistake, especially if the water levels are high enough to drown or carry you off.

3. Know safety essentials to bring with you

When going out into the wild for an adventure, several items must bring for a comfortable stay. Most of these tools and accessories ensure you remain healthy, follow the right route, provide protection while ensuring you have a warm place to call the night in or start a fire.

These include navigation tools such as a map, compass or GPS unit, rain gear to keep you dry and warm in case of a storm or low temperatures, and a first aid kit. Bring a water bottle or a filtration system, several snacks to keep you full during the adventure, and a Firestarter for illumination and cooking if the need arises. A multi-tool is a perfect addition to your dry bag or kit. Don’t forget a flashlight and extra batteries for the period you are out in the wild.

Other essentials to bring with you include a paracord, signaling system, headlamps, and many more. A multi-tool is another essential gear to bring with you. Wrap all your gear in safety packaging and store them in your dry bag. These can keep you alive as their applications are of a wide range out there.

4. Bring Playing Hooky Outdoor Gear 

Safety includes having the right equipment or outdoor gear whenever it is needed. Get a Playing Hooky outdoor hats, decals, hoodies, long sleeve UV protectant shirts, short sleeve UV protectant shirts, 100% recycled short sleeve shirts. Remain warm through the trip, protect against sun rays and recycle to meet the demands of being in the wild.


Take a step, leave your comfort behind, keep an open mind, and absorb the outdoors to your heart’s content. Explore the Outdoors, learn new activities, and make new and lasting memories. Even with the exciting new features to look forward to, remember the wild has several risk factors. Be sure to bring all essentials for your outdoor adventure, leave a not to friends and family, and get your Playing Hooky outdoor gear. With these you can, Get ready! Feel the outdoors! Be Safe!

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